On November 23, 2015, my co-founder Marc and I launched Snappa. Five months later we hit $10k in MRR and continued growing at a healthy rate for a small bootstrapped SaaS business.

Although I’ve talked about it on various podcasts and incorporated it into some of my talks, I’ve never documented the entire launch process in a blog post.

This is something I’ve been wanting to write for several years and I hope you’ll find it useful no matter where you are along your journey. [continue reading…]

Unlike many people who become entrepreneurs, I never considered myself entrepreneurial growing up. Apart from my DJ gigs, I was just a normal kid following a typical life script.

I ended up graduating from university with a commerce degree and started working in the government as a financial analyst. At that point, I thought I had the rest of my life figured out. I’d work my way up the corporate ladder, make decent money, and retire with a good pension.

Of course, things didn’t play out that way… [continue reading…]

In March of 2015, my co-founder Marc started writing the first few lines of code for Snappa. And in order to start collecting email addresses, we needed to throw up a landing page.

Since Snappa.com was taken, we registered Snappa.io. I mean, all the hip new startups were using .io right?

Nearly two years later, we ended up purchasing Snappa.com for $40,000 USD. [continue reading…]