Podcast Interviews

2020-10-15 | Growth Marketing Today
The Bootstrapper’s Guide To Growing a SaaS to $1.5M ARR

2020-09-23 | Tales From the Crypt
Bootstrapping and Bitcoin

2020-07-16 | The Tropical MBA
A Healthy Equilibrium

2020-01-21 | Startups for the Rest of Us 
Stairstepping Your Way to SaaS

2018-09-05 | The SaaS Podcast 
SaaS Content Marketing Strategy: Going from Zero to $45k MRR

2017-10-25 | Mixergy 
How Snappa Founder Is so Organized He Has Time for Brunch

2017-09-28 | Side Hustle Nation 
How Snappa Bootstrapped Their Way From Idea to $33k MRR in 2 Years

Talks / Videos

2020-07-15 | MicroConf On Air
Using Organic Content As Your Flywheel

2019-03-27 | MicroConf
From Desk Job to Founder: How Side Projects Led to $60k MRR SaaS Business