I started my career in finance and stumbled my way into entrepreneurship. Here’s a quick look at how I got here…

Dec 2009: Graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce and major in Finance.

Feb 2010: Started working as a financial analyst for a government agency.

Sep 2012: Launched ClassmateCatch (RIP). Despite the failure, I learned a lot.

Apr 2014: Launched BootstrapBay – a marketplace for premium Bootstrap themes and templates. Learn how we grew it to $10k/mo in this case study.

Nov 2014: Quit my job in the government to focus on my startups.

Jan 2015: Launched StockSnap.io – the #1 source for beautiful free stock photos.

Nov 2015: Launched Snappa – a SaaS app that helps marketers and entrepreneurs create graphics.

Dec 2016: Sold BootstrapBay.

Present: Growing Snappa 👍.